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The Top 10 most popular Denominations are :

  • $100 (8.4%)
  • $5 (8.0%)
  • $10 (7.9%)
  • $20 (7.9%)
  • $50 (7.8%)
  • $1 (7.3%)
  • $2 (4.1%)
  • $500 (4.0%)
  • 50 (3.8%)
  • 20 (3.8%)

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About CustomPlayMoney.comCustomPlayMoney.com got it's start in the fall of 2003 from an idea spawned by selling vintage board games on EBAY. Many of the games we found at estate sales and  garage sales were incomplete, many times not having the full set of money originally distributed with the game. We occasionally found sets that had photocopies of US Bills reduced to the size of the game bills. Then it dawned on us - - why not allow individuals to create their own money, as they desire?

We started selling custom game money in the late winter of 2003 by listing auctions on EBAY. The winner of the auction had to email their picture and verbally describe the layout they desired.  In 2004 we decided to produce this web site allowing you, the customer, to customize your money in a "wizard" like fashion.

We are located in Schenectady, NY along with our parent company PBHB Enterprises. PBHB Enterprises produces the technical "know how" to create this web site and the game money. We take pride in our unique product and warmly welcome your ideas by sending us an email.


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