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The Top 10 most popular Bill Styles are :

US Bills (25.8%)
US ONE Dollar Drawn (19.1%)
Monopoly Standard (13.9%)
Million Dollar Bill (7.7%)
Monopoly Custom Style 2 (6.2%)
Corporate Incentives (6.0%)
Eagle Play Money (5.9%)
Colonial Play Money (4.3%)
Monopoly Custom Style 1 (3.9%)
Standard Life (2.9%)

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We offer many optional services to enhance your bills.

When you choose an enhancement  option, your invoice will automatically be updated. For up to date pricing information, click here.  


click for larger image Seal Of Authenticity Embossment

The Seal Of Authenticity is a physical embossment to your bills. This is a great way to prevent duplication of your bills. The embossment is generic and says "www.mygamemoney.com Seal Of Authenticity". It measures 1.75" in diameter and is typically placed on the right of the presidents window. 

click for larger image Graphic Enhancement of Your Images Our professional graphic artist will crop your image as instructed, and remove background clutter from your uploaded image. Place specific instructions in the special notes field.
click for larger image Laminated Bill Set Each Bill in your set will be laminated on the front and back. This is the perfect way to preserve your unique bills for many years to come. 

  click for larger image Do Not Display WWW.CUSTOMPLAYMONEY.COM logo on bottom right of each bill Remove our marketing web site name from the bottom right of each bill.

click for larger image Duplex Bills Each bill will be printed on both sides.


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