Fun Facts For CustomPlayMoney.com
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The Top 10 most popular Fonts for custom text line 4 are :

Broadband ICG (63.0%)
Engravers MT (12.7%)
Vitamin Outlined (6.2%)
1942 report (5.2%)
Verdana (2.8%)
Franklin Gothic Medium (2.1%)
UnitedStates (1.2%)
VTC FunkinFrat (0.7%)
Arial Black (0.6%)
Comic Sans MS (0.5%)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question : How long will it take for my order to be delivered
  Once payment has cleared for your order, we will produce your order within 1 business day. Standard delivery is USPS first class mail, but you may upgrade shipping to any other USPS class to expediate delivery.
Question : Can you print my bills in Color
  We currently only print black & white bills on colored paper. The available paper colors are the standard Monopoly bill colors. You may choose any of these color for your denominations.
Question : What is the status of my order
  You can always visit the order status page and enter your order number to see its current status. Once the order is shipped a link to the USPS postal site will appear under the order status showing any tracking information.
Question : I want more customization that the wizards allows, can you still make my bills
  Yes, please contact us via the contact form with your specifics needs. We will provide a quote for each custom order.
Question : Do you Ship International
  We have a limited number of counties we will ship to, check our list to see if you country is available.
Question : Is my information Secure
  Yes, your order is secured by the combination of your unique order number and email address. Without these 2 pieces of information your order can not be viewed or changed
Question : Is my information Private
  Yes, all information is secure and private. You can opt in to have your bills displayed in the bill gallery, but the image of your bills is the only information displayed.
Question : Why do I have to enter my email address and a password to create money
  We use your email address and password to protect your custom money. You must know your email and password to modify any orders under that account.
Question : I ordered money and I like it. How can I easily place an order for more sets.
  Simply go to the order status screen and click the "Order Again" link next to your order. This will create a new order number. You can then change
Question : Why can't I change information for my order after it has been shipped
  You can view orders that have been shipped, but can not change information. If you would like to order more money use the "Order Again" link on the order status page. This will creat a new order based off an existing order which you can then change the information for.
Question : Can I change the game or bill layout once I have configured my bills
  Yes, if you change the bill game the denominations will change to the denominations for that game. All custom information for your bills will be preserved and show up for the new bill layout.
Question : Why can I not edit all 4 custom message lines
  Some layout do not support all 4 message lines, or a bill watermark. These features will be disabled for these bills.
Question : Why will you not accept my graphic
  If we feel your uploaded images violates copyright law, we reserve the right to refund your payment and cancel your order.
Question : I have a coupon code I wish to enter to save money I my order, where do I enter it
  When you configure your order, you will enter your coupon code on the Savings step . Enter your code in the designated space and your invoice total will adjust for the coupon. Only one coupon may be applied at once.
Question : I would like to see what papers you have available, is that possible
  We stock lots and lots of paper options for your bills . You can even order up to 10 bills for free, nothing beats seeing and feeling the paper options yourself. Click here to order your free 10 bills.


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