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The Top 10 most popular paper choices are :

Pinstripe Apricot All Vellums Vellum (43.2%)
Green Standard Laser Paper (19.7%)
White Standard Laser Paper (11.4%)
Buff Standard Laser Paper (11.3%)
Gray Standard Laser Paper (11.1%)
Blush Pink All Vellums Vellum (1.9%)
Light Yellow Standard Laser Paper (0.2%)
Blue Standard Laser Paper (0.1%)
Gold Standard Laser Paper (0.1%)
Rose Pink Metalliic Cardstock (0.0%)

Did you know we can print your bills on parchment paper? Learn About by papers we carry by clicking here

You have two options when ordering bills and choosing to have them printed, sliced and delivered - "Bill Sets" or "Total Bills". When choosing "Total Bills", your bills are stacked and grouped by denomination (ie all $20 bills grouped together). Most customers choose this method of ordering, but for those who need their denominations broken out into sets, "Bill Sets" is the better method.  With this method, we will group and stack your bills into sets. Below is a example of 144 bills of the "Eagle Play Money" style stacked together (like money in a new board game).

About Slicing into Sets

The image below shows two sets of multi denominational play money. The denominations in the top set all are slightly different sizes, while the stack below the stack is a smoothe cut across all denominations. Both are equal quality overall, but some customers require the top of the line professional look of the smoothe cut stack.

We strive to deliver the most professional cut bills possible with every order. We use a stack cutter, allowing us to slice through hundreds of sheets of paper at once. For small orders, we then re sort out the proper number of each denomination by hand and group them into sets. This produces a set of bills which are all slightly off on the edges.

To get a stack of bills with several denominations with perfect edges, you must have ordered enough sets of bills to allow us to slice through all denominations at once and keep them stacked together.

For example, the Eagle Play Money bill style show here has 144 bills (thats 24 pages 8.5 x 11 paper with 6 bills on each page). You must order your sets in factors of 6 (6,12,18,24,36...etc), for us to be able to stack the sheets by denomination before slicing to produce the perfect stack edges.



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