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The Top 10 most popular Fonts for custom text line 4 are :

Broadband ICG (63.0%)
Engravers MT (12.7%)
Vitamin Outlined (6.2%)
1942 report (5.2%)
Verdana (2.8%)
Franklin Gothic Medium (2.1%)
UnitedStates (1.2%)
VTC FunkinFrat (0.7%)
Arial Black (0.6%)
Comic Sans MS (0.5%)

Did you know we can print your bills on vellum paper? Learn About by papers we carry by clicking here has obtained rights to over 10,000 themed stock images you can incorporate into your Play money design. These images can be added to anywhere on your bills on the "background watermark" step of the design process, just follow the instruction in the "logo's and graphic's" section on that page.

Below is a short description of each theme in the library, to view the complete collection before starting your order .

African Designs - Authentic African artwork, adapted from motifs on textiles, masks, jewelry and other sources.

American Historical - Portraits of celebrated figures in american history, as well as flags, banners, emblems and medals.

Angels - Portraits of curly-headed cherubs and smiling seraphs in a variety of poses : seated, kneeling, standing, and aloft; playing musical instruments, holding flowers, birds, garlands of ribbon.

Banners Ribbons and Scrolls - Beautifully engraved and drawn ribbons, banners, and scrolls.

Bible Illustrations - Exquisite illustrations from the volume by the skilled.

 Bird Illustrations - Lavish assortment of old time illustrations of birds

Celtic Frames and Borders - Serpentine scrolls, intricately woven motifs, mythical creatures, symbols of biblical characters, bizarre creatures of the forest - all with a Celtic twist.

Cowboys & Western Cuts - A flavor of the old west.

Decorative Designs - Victorian styled decorative elements

Decorative Wreaths and Frames - Motifed frames and borders

Elegant Floral Designs - A host of lovely black and white designs, derived from exquisite old-world lace, depict lush blossoms underscored with fringed and scalloped border; delicate butterflies with wings displaying a patchwork mosiac.

Food and Drink Illustrations - Food related

Famous Americans - Portraits of famous Americans

Floral Bouquets - Exquisite boquets of lilies, poppies, daffodils, and other garden flowers; rose wreaths, dainty nosegays, and graceful garlands.

Floral Embroidery Designs - Beautifully rendered floral illustrations, reproduced from a rare turn-of-the-century catalog of embroidery patterns, abound in this versatile design collection.

Fruits and Flowers Illustrations - Victorian era drawings of fruits and flowers

Heraldic Designs - Attention getting heralidic designs

Historic Ornaments and Designs - Spanning over 6,000 years of design traditions, this collection of ornamental motifs range from primitive tribal art and pottery, Egyptian sculpture, and greek terra-cottta vases to chinese panel decorations.

Holiday Vignettes - Hearts, flowers, cupids, flags, eagles, and other patriotic symbols for the fourth of july; pumpkins, black cats, and witches for Halloween.

Midievel Illustrations - Midievel and Gothic ornaments

Musical Illustrations - Musican Instruments throughout time

Old Time Transportation  - Horse drawn wagons, steam locomotives, bicycles, trolleys, baby carriages, airships, balloons, slighes, sailing ships and more.

Ornamental Initials - Fancifully decorated initials

Traditional Designs from India - Motifs adapted from the artifacts of the Harappa culture; coins and pottery from South India; Ajanta and Bagh murals.

Victorian Designs and Emblems - From the Palm & Fechteler catalog in 1882 of elegant ornaments for horse drawn carriages, coaches and buggies.

Victorian Goods and Merchdise - Wonderful glimpse of personal items and domestic accessories from abygone era.

Viking Designs - The bold, fanciful designs featured here have been adapted from authentic Viking metalwork, textiles, stone carvings, and ceramics.


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